From the infinite amount of color possibilities to the ability it has to act as a sculptural material, paint, as a medium intrigues me. Through painting, I explore these possibilities and am always looking for new ways to realize its sculptural potential and to alter the color palette to address the mood of the paintings.  While experimenting with the building up and layering of this pigmented paste I re-present my subjects and give them a chance to be reintroduced. 


Focusing on the way the light hits my compositions, I allow the light to become the paint which often becomes more significant than the subject matter.  I view my paintings as many abstract moments that are assembled into representational images.  The neutral areas of color act as a resting place allowing the more saturated hues to distort the reality of the space.


Whether I am painting an interior that few people are intimately familiar with or a single object that most viewers could easily recognize, my intention is to alter the ways that viewers both experience and perceive these mundane subjects, to distort the line between perception and reality.